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Our objectives are to get under the skin, refine and elevate brands, evolve engaging concepts, communication and experiences including design to generate impact and change. Everything with the sole purpose to deliver tangible values with progressive results for you and your brand.
Here are some of the areas where we help you create healthy growth:

Brand Development
Branding is about refining the essence. Your brand is also an effective way to steer your organization towards a common goal. A way to unite around an identity, an attitude and shared beliefs. Seen from this angle, branding is about finding the higher value of what you do. Why you exist, what you want and stand for, and then being clear and consistent – making sure that everything you say and do, internally and externally – is a reflection of your brand.
We help you succeed by developing your:
- Visual identity
To make your brand come alive it’s vital that your visual identity reflects the attitude, vision and core values of your organization. Your look and identity needs to be consistent with the brand strategy, be attractive for your target audience as well as your staff while standing out – in relation to your position and competition. // Visual identity package includes logo, Identity, graphics, colors, fonts, imagery and attitude. Delivery: Visual Identity playbook with information, guidelines and inspiration.
- Brand platform
This important asset is a great tool to express who you are and what you are here to do. We help you write your unifying story that generates consensus internally and lays a solid foundation to build your strategy going forward. // Brand platform package includes visual identity, vision, mission, promise, values, audience and culture. Delivery: Brand platform playbook with information, guidelines and inspiration.
- Communication & Marketing plan
To communicate clearly and consistently over time you need a stable platform that guides your creating, producing and distribution of communication of your position and what is attractive, relevant and interesting for your loyal and new customers, right people and collaborations. // Communication platform package includes research, visual identity, tone of voice, audience, strategy, media platforms, policies and concepts. Delivery: Communication platform playbook with information, guidelines and inspiration.
- Positioning
What distinguishes your brand from your competitors? We help you find and amplify the differences that make you unique and outstanding by refining the aspects that appeal to your customers, employees and partners. To do this, we develop your strategy and tools to reinforce or transform your existing position in people’s minds. // Positioning package includes research, target, audience, competitors and differentiation. Delivery: Positioning playbook with information and guidelines.

Concept Development
How are your products and services perceived? What value do they bring to the lives of your customers? We help you seize new opportunities in your market by developing or refining your ideas, through the creation of concepts for a service, product, place, experience, etc. In this process, we can act as a creative board of advisors and support you in overall branding and communication issues directly linked to business benefits. // Concept Development package includes research, target, audience, competitors, differentiation and concept. Delivery: Concept Development playbook with information, guidelines and inspiration.

Communication & Design
We help you communicate effectively to achieve the overall objectives of your organization. From a brand perspective, this involves both building and managing the position of your brand and understanding the present, future and underlying needs and behaviors of your clients and customers.
Based on insights, we create communication concepts and units. We produce content and direction for your different media channels and actively find your opportunities to stay relevant and interesting.

Art & Design
What you have and show on your walls makes an immediate statement about who you are – You as private person, as experience an interior design, impact for a brands or for any commercial use. It sheds light on your style, values and attitude in a unique and subtle way. We specializes in creating and producing prints on canvas or other media of the highest quality. Please let us know if you have any thoughts, ideas or requests. - Check it out

We have some nice workshop packages for you to get a smooth, supergood and clear overview regarding your brand. To support you to insights, consensus and know what to develop, refine and focus on.
- Brand Awareness Workshop
An intensive and effective 2 hour session, where we go through the essentials with different angles and perspectives on brand building and also smart communication. We will look at how to create brand identity and talk about vision, mission and values. Also the importance of differentiation, competitors, endurance, loyalty and customer relationships. You will get inspiration, consensus and awareness regarding your current status. Welcome. - Check it out
- Brand Retreat Workshop
A 6-step Brand Retreat. During the Brand Retreat we will guide you through a structured process, ask questions and mentor your discussion. As you reflect and present your view, we provide feedback on the challenges and opportunities your brand is facing and recommendations on how to move forward.
We assess your current status, to build consensus and understanding together. We present conclusions and suggested actions for the changes and optimizations needed for the brand. By the end of the Brand Retreat, you will know: What to do, How to do it, and of course Why you are doing it - key attributes that make customers and employees recognize your brand. We will compile the material in the appropriate format for an effective implementation and then create the conditions for follow-up. - Check it out
Step 1) Startup: Ambition / Resources / Timetable
Step 2) Research: Status / Benchmarks / Inspiration
Step 3) Workshop: Perspectives / Consensus / Ideas
Step 4) Presentation: Conclusions / Suggestions
Step 5) Delivery: Guidance / Tools / Units
Step 6) Implementation: Extern & Intern Activation

- Full Hospitality Package
Brand and Concept Development with Visual Identity - includes logo, Identity, graphics, colors, fonts, imagery and attitude. Brand and Communication platform. Communication and Design including interior advice, sets of menus, continuous weekly offers, signage, SoMe templates and website. Delivery: A smart Playbook, as guideline and inspiration for internal and external usage.
- Light Hospitality Package
Brand Development with Visual Identity - includes logo, Identity, graphics, colors, fonts, imagery and attitude. Communication and Design including menus, SoMe templates and web design. Delivery: A nice Playbook, as guideline and inspiration for internal and external usage.
Some hospitality reference cases:
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That´s some of our services and as a network we are of course transformable and adjustable.