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Brand Development
Branding is an effective way to steer the whole organization towards a single goal, to unite around an identity, an attitude and to create consensus.
Branding is about finding out the higher value, why we exist, what we want and stand for, and then being clear and consistent about reflecting that in everything we say and do, both internally and externally.
We develop:
- Visual identity - Logo / Identity / Graphic Elements / Images, including visual inspiration and guidance.
The desired image and associations of the brand are communicated by, among other things, the brand’s visual identity and it is important that it reflects the attitude, vision and core values of the organization. Is it consistent with the brand strategy, is it attractive to your target audiences, staff and does it stand up to competition?
- Brand platform
A brand platform can contains the Business Concept / Vision / Mission / Core Values / Identity and Position.
- Communication platform
A communication platform can include Key messages / Attitude / Visual identity / Tone of voice / Argumentation / Audiences / Position / Communication Objectives / Information and Media channels, and possibly a Timetable.

- Positioning
What distinguishes a brand from its competitors? We help you find the difference to be perceived as unique and different in a way that appeals to your customers, employees, etc. Together we develop a strategy and tools to reinforce or transform an existing position.

Concept Development
We support you to capture new opportunities and develop or refine ideas, concept of services, products, places, experiences, etc.
We act as a creative board of advisor, reflective interlocutor and support in overall branding and communication issues directly linked to business benefits. We can develop situation analysis, target group analysis, competitive analysis, assessment of business objectives, resources and conditions.

The role of communication is to promote the achievement of the organisation's overall objectives. From a brand perspective, this involves both building and managing the brand positioning and understanding the present, future and underlying needs and behaviors.
Strategic communication includes external and internal audience analysis, overall messaging, choice and direction of communication channel and other prerequisites for both ongoing communication efforts and more ad hoc initiatives.

Brand Retreat - A great start
A 5-step branding retreat, spread over 3 sessions, for those who want to get to know and try out brand development approaches. We ask questions and mentor, you reflect and present, we provide feedback on the challenges your brand is facing and recommendation on how to move forward in the next step.
Some of the Q&A we will look at:
Vision / What do we want to achieve?
Mission / Why are we doing this?
Core values / What do we stand for?
Position / What our unique role in the market?
Audience / For whom shoul we be most relevent?

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