Would you like to get your brand into tip-top shape?
The desired associations with your brand are clearly signaled through brand identity, culture and attitude. Is it consistent with the brand strategy, is it attractive to today's audience and are we finding the right people? Can we expand seamlessly and are we clearly communicating our purpose? We assess your current status, to build consensus and understanding together. We present conclusions and suggested actions for the changes and optimizations needed for the brand. By the end of the Brand Retreat, you will know: What to do, How to do it, and of course Why you are doing it - key attributes that make customers and employees recognize your brand. We will compile the material in the appropriate format for an effective implementation and then create the conditions for follow-up.
Our Offer - Brand Retreat with Workshop
A 6-step Brand Retreat. During the Brand Retreat we will guide you through a structured process, ask questions and mentor your discussion. As you reflect and present your view, we provide feedback on the challenges and opportunities your brand is facing and recommendations on how to move forward.

Step 1) Startup: Ambition / Resources / Timetable
Step 2) Research: Status / Benchmarks / Inspiration
Step 3) Workshop: Perspectives / Consensus / Ideas
Step 4) Presentation: Conclusions / Suggestions
Step 5) Delivery: Guidance / Tools / Units

Step 6) Implementation: Extern & Intern Activation

Does it sound interesting? Let’s get in touch and thrive // christian@forzaloets.com
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