Brand-, Concept-, Communication-, Marketing- and Design development.
We create, refine and care for brands both conceptually and strategically. We help companies find their optimal brand position through engaging concepts, brand development and communication that drives change. Our approach is holistic with strong focus on the megatrends which shape today and the future, such as digitalisation, urbanisation, globalisation, the climate situation and resource efficiency.
We are a great resource
Our network is a resource that you can use in everything from small components of a project to utilise as a long-term partner. Easy to use when foresight is challenging and scalability can be vital.

ABN AMRO Bank, AcobiaFLUX, Al Sahra - Desert Resort, Addsell, Archgroup Architects, ADTA (Abu Dhabi Tourist Athority), Active Summer Camps, Aldus Capital, Alingsås Municipality, Amlak Finance, Arvid Nilsson, Asteco Real Estate, Anacka Målstyrd Affärssutveckling, Appland, Arvid Nilsson, Atmotech, Barilla Pasta, Bobby Digital Studios, Bollington Real Estate, ByMyrberg, Carmanor, Carmenta, Cafégo, Chalmers Studentbostäder, Capital Club, Changes Charity, Chillcode Records, Christi´s Great Estate, Continental Tires, CPI Holding, CRUI (Center for Innovation & Urban Research), Dahlborgs Bageri, Dekora, Diamant Boart, Dubai Convention Bureau, DUBAL (Dubai Aluminium), Dewan Architects, Dnata, Edera, Elheerat, Empower, Emirates Airlines, Espresso Gear, Extended Solutions, Exxent, Framtidens Företag, Felker Construction, Flow Records, Gausta, Glaxo Smith Klein, Grand Cinemas, Got City Center Hotels, GOP, Göteborgs Operan, Göteborgs Stad, Hagabadet, Husqvarna, HiperFloor, Ingemar Johansson AB, InterContinental Hotels, Kaffe Kompaniet, Liseberg, LWD Design Group, KXM Managment, Mariott Hotels, Malibu Drinks, MerxTeam, M3 Construction, Moo Audio & Tech, MPDQX Records, Munkekullen, Mölndal Municipality, Park Place Tower, Peppermint Experience, PDGM, Plusquam Records, RAK Investment & Development Office, Rotana Hotel Group, Sannas Naturliga, Seastate Marine, Signature Clubs International, Restaurant Sjömagasinet, Salinity, Senab, Restaurant Space62, Seglarkrogen GKSS Marina, SONY Ericsson, SOS Alarm, Sprial Trax Records, Språkbolaget, Stena Line, Stena Group, Swedish Taste, Swedese, Svenska Mässan, Särö Stable, Restaurant Sjöö, Restaurant Skåål, TrollDental, Toyota Sweden, Thylling, Tomoyo, V-Fast, Vätterleden Invest, Virgin Megastore, Villervalla - Clothes for kids, Visita (Svensk Besöksnäring), Volvo Group, Volvo Group Connected Solutions, Volvo Concept Lab, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks, UEM Medical, Yacht Bay Tower, etc