Client: Visita - The industry- and employers’ organization for the Swedish Hospitality Industry. Visitas mission is mainly pertaining to economic policy issues in addition to industry and employer issues. The goal is to create greater opportunities for growth and profitability in the hospitality industry and offer quality services to Visita members.

Project: Visita former SHR (Swedish Hotels & Restaurants), expanded to more hospitality industries such as: Café, Camping, Catering, Destination, Zoo, Casino, Conference, Nightclub, Amusement park, Ski resort, Spa, Cabin, Hotel and Restaurant - Due to the transformation, a need for new name and new profile was required. We did Brand Development, Visual Identity with logos, colors, imagery, graphics and fonts. Brand platform. Communication and Design with marketing templates and website.

Impact: Transform and expand. Very well received and we use the keywords excellence, distinct and unify.

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