Client: Restaurant Space62 is a casual dining experience, focus on sharing menues including a great bar. Founded by Swedish Taste, Magnus Linström, (Chef of the Year, Sweden and Olympic champion). Swedish Taste consists of restaurants, cooking studio, catering & conference including shop & café.
Space62 refers to 1962, when man was experiencing space and discovered total freedom for the first time. Thank you Hasselblad for the images of the moments that are now icons and have generated a very special feeling in everyone's hearts – the possibility to look at our planet from space.
Project: We did a Full Hospitality Package with Brand and Concept Development. Visual identity - logo, colors, imagery, fonts and graphics. Brand and Communication platform. Communication and Design including sets of menus, continuous weekly offers, signage, SoMe templates and web design. Everything delivered in a nice Playbook, as guideline and inspiration for internal and external usage.
Impact: A great holistic experience that holds together all the way. A stylish, comfortable and inviting atmosphere with lots of happy and satisfied visitors. 
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